HII PRO 能量咖啡欢迎您!


In the summer of 2009, the three HiiPro founders embarked on a trip through Asia for holiday. During their explorations in the Far East locales of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, they found themselves increasingly drawn to the boundless nightlife offerings of these destinations. But as they celebrated with activities during the day and partied their nights away with exotic companionships, they discovered that their bodies simply could not keep up with their exploits. One day, seemingly by fortune, the founders stumbled upon a local, hole in the wall coffeehouse, which served a mysterious beverage which laid claims it could stimulate their minds and bodies.
They noticed the “special” coffee on the menu could arouse sexual hormones, so they approached the barista and asked for it. The barista left the room, then quickly returned with three concoctions for the guys to consume. Overly eager to recharge their biological batteries, they downed the drinks as fast as they could, almost spewing it right back out as quickly as the coffee descended. While choking back with the intensely bitter tastes in their mouths and all with sour looks on their faces, they realized they just paid for a premium drink at $30 USD.
Fast forward, after another night filled with alcohol and copulations, they noticed that they had outperformed all other occasions prior to this. Not only was their stamina longer, but blood flow was no longer restricted, and their sexual drive was higher than it had ever been. They went back to the coffee shop next morning and found out that the “special” concoction contained Tongkat Ali, a natural herbal root that increased libido and energy. They hadn’t experienced this type of excitement in a product for a very long time. That’s when one of the partners, Anthony realized that they could mass distribute and bring it to the world.
They scoured the globe to not only procure the best raw ingredients in Peru, Brazil, and Vietnam, but also as a business decision acquire a Tongka Ali farm in Malaysia as a part of their supply chain. Staking a claim in their legacy, the founders spent endless hours in reformulations and securing capital investments into the construction of their own FDA manufacturing facility in the United States to ensure the highest quality standards. The drink that we know as HiiPro is a delicious beverage with a lift like you’ve never experienced before.